Thursday, June 25, 2015

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

I have a love affair with eggs. Seriously! Something so simple can be made in so many different ways, has a center that's yellow that can ruin an angel food cake while using the whites to make stiff meringue for a coconut cream pie. Eggs are wonderful and that is why I must share with you my egg saga.

Eggs were the very first thing I ever learned to cook. My grandmother use to always tell me I started cooking as soon as I could reach the stove. And eggs were the thing she taught me how to make. I use to stand and wait until (by my grandmother's instruction) the outside portion started to get white and I could start moving it around the pan, thus making something very similar to an omelet. 

I always told my grandpa to separate my portion before he added any pepper to them because I could not stand pepper when I was little.

My mama would always cook me scrambled eggs in the morning and place it one of those old school round Tupperware containers (admit it, you still have them!) and I'd eat them on the way to school. 

My babysitter (mom #2, more affectionately known as Mom Sale) would always crumble sausage and mix it into the eggs before she cooked them. This was (and still is today) my most favorite way to eat them.

But nothing, NOTHING, can compare to how my dad fixes scrambled eggs. Breakfast is an absolute favorite for both of us. We could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. And his scrambled eggs are always kiss ass tasty. When I was younger he would sometimes add in a little maple syrup for some sweetness. He never had a "secret" to how he fixed them, and I've watched him numerous times. But there is always something delicious about the way he fixes them.

I think I have come as close as I can get to making them the way he does. Fried eggs? Don't stand a chance in my kitchen. I can fry an egg as well as I can pee standing up without missing the toilet. But I have finally figured out how to make my eggs taste just as tasty as his (well, almost!)

The key with his scrambled eggs is low and slow. I mentioned before my grandmother liked to get the edges white before she moved them around pan. Nope. Not happening. Medium heat (around 6) is about the perfect temperature. A splash of cream doesn't hurt either. And I finally LOVE pepper. So! Egg business. Scrambled egg business. In all their glory.

How to make said eggs

2-3 eggs (depending how hungry you are)
Salt and pepper, to taste
Splash of cream, milk or half and half

Scramble your eggs in a bowl, add salt, pepper and cream. Heat enough butter over medium low to medium heat to cover a small skillet but don't use too much! You want your eggs fluffy. Pour egg mixture in skillet and wait. Gently start pushing the mixture back and forth. Constantly moving the eggs is key, don't let them sit too long to get that omelet consistency. I always take my eggs out the pan when they're "almost done" You know, that shiny texture, white part might still be a tad runny. YUM. Not runny like medium fried egg, but shiny! Hopefully you can see what I am talking about in my picture. Eat up!