Thursday, May 19, 2016


Geez. May! I absolutely SUCK at trying to keep up with this blog! I keep telling myself to post recipes, things my main squeeze and I have done and adventures we've been on but I plum just keep forgetting. Maybe one of these days I'll get into the habit and routine of keeping up with it. Anyways, my travel adventurs have brought my main squeeze and I to Springfield, Missouri. A lot of his family is from Seymour which is about 30-40 minutes away and I love being this close to his family. Sure I haven't met many of them yet or spent a lot of time with them but it's nice knowing that they're close and we can go do things with them. 

I was so happy this year because I got to spend Austin's birthday with him. Last year I was still home in Virginia and couldn't celebrate with him so I was happy as a clam to be here this year for it. He got a kindle and a cover for it (I was gonna get him Seinfeld as well but we'll save that for another time). 

We've had a few adventures since we've been here (not many as we haven't been here tooooo long). One place we wanted to go to was Silver Dollar City. Like Kings Dominion for me, my main squeeze grew up going to SDC every year and I was excited to finally check it out! They have some roller coasters and home girl here was a wee bit too large to fit into the seats (darn those childbearing hips!) I'm hoping to lose some weight so when we go back I can fit into the seats!

As far as the recipe world we've tried a bunch of new things since I've posted last (and even before then!) Hopefully I can get on the ball and post some here soon. I have one more night of work before I am off for 5 nights so we'll see!

Speaking of work I am working at Mercy Hospital in Springfield and I am in their ICU float pool. That means that I work on whichever ICU they need me in that night I'm working.

Peace and sunshine (well, moonshine at the present time since it's 0300) until next time!