Sunday, December 4, 2016

Kitchen Essentials

I'm telling ya, this blog stuff is harder to keep up with than I thought! My New Year's Resolution is to try and keep up with this a little more and post a lot more as well. We'll see how that goes!

I've thought about peppering in some posts about the multiple kitchen items that I use, why I love them and the uses I have for them. For some people, cooking is a brand new adventure to them. They don't know where to begin and all the gadgets and accessories and what not can probably be a little overwhelming when you're starting out. Whether you're newly married, out on your own for the first time due to going to college or moving out on your own, or you're simply tired of eating fast food or making simple box dinners, I wanted to share some of my favorites things I use in the kitchen to make meals for me and my main squeeze.

One of my favorite things (I'm probably going to say this about most things I use in the kitchen) is my Dutch oven. My dad got it for me one year for Christmas and I love this thing! It's so versatile. I use it at least once a week and honestly I could probably use it a lot more than that.

Things I use my Dutch oven for include:

-soups and stews
-one pot dishes
-pot roast
-frying things like boneless wings or pickles
-boiling pasta for dishes
-mashed potatoes
-pasta sauces like for lasagna
-making pretzels

Like yesterday and today for example. Yesterday I used it to make pretzels in the morning and fried boneless wings in it later that night. Tonight I made a one pot pasta dish. I love it! There's so many uses for it and it's oven safe. Mine is by Lodge and it's enameled cast iron so it's heavy. A good Dutch oven is essential to have in your kitchen arsenal! 

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