Monday, March 9, 2015

Jute Wrapped Monogram Letter

This project is so cute! I love the simplicity of it but it's a super cute way to add some flair to your decoration. Once I figured out the hot glue gun issue, wrapping was easy. I made the mistake of using the glue on each side of the letter and that made it super messy and chunky. 

Once I started I got the hang of it. I messed up on the first one I tried and this time I only glued in one spot on each time around. There were some times I actually wrapped the jute around a few times before sticking some glue in a spot.

Super simple to do though. Start off with your jute in the back. All you need is a little bit of glue to hold in place. Wrap around once and dab more glue where you started. It's less messy and it won't look horrible like my first one did. Each letter you do is gonna be different. The only part that was hard with the Z was the slanted part but you can play around with how you want to wrap. Mine I ended up going over a few spots twice with the jute going the other direction but that gives it come dimension and character I think. Do what works best with your letter. Once I got it all wrapped I hot glued some flowers on I bought from Michael's and some ribbon on the back to hang it up with. I think it turned out quite nice! Once I really get the hang of wrapping the jute I think I might try and sell some at the yard sale my sister and I are having next month.

Happy wrapping!

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