Monday, October 19, 2015

Changes...Part Two

Well boys and girls, it's a Monday and I have found myself in the middle of the U.S. in the Midwest. Oklahoma actually. Tulsa, to be exact. This plan has been in the making since the beginning of the year. My main squeeze and I have been looking forward to this since we first talked about it! I am finally doing what I have wanted to do since I found out about it, travel nursing. Those who know me know I can't still for long and travel nursing fits the bill perfectly. Plus, it's allowed me to come out here to be with my main squeeze! That's the best plus of them all. My first assignment is at Hillcrest Medical Center in downtown Tulsa on a burn ICU. That's going to be a huge learning curve for me! But I am looking forward to it and am excited to learn something new when it comes to my nursing skills. Enough of the boring stuff, it's picture time!

My mama drove out here with me (1,200 miles!) so I wouldn't have to make the trek alone. I'm glad she did! 1,200 miles is a lot to do without someone to talk to. Saturday my main squeeze took us around riding, out to Pawhuska and Ponca City and let me tell you. Absolute culture shock from what I am use to! I didn't think I would like the openness so much (us East Coast folks are use to A LOT of trees) but I actually really like it. Something super peaceful about it. But still, culture shock none the less.

 I mean, it's kinda growing on me. I enjoyed our drive very much!

Pretty babies. We were no doubt on someone's ranch (don't worry, we weren't trespassing!) but had no ideas whose. But we enjoyed seeing all the horses

And all the cows. They were walking everywhere and this baby here was like "Who are you and what in the world are you doing here?"

All the other babies didn't seem to pay us any mind. 

I mentioned earlier we didn't know whose ranch we stumbled upon.

We found our answer at the end coming back out on the main highway. I was so excited!! I had wanted to find her ranch but had no idea how, this just happened by chance!

My main squeeze and I. Stay tuned for more pictures and adventures!

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