Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Best Pork BBQ

"Holy shit"

These are the two first words my main squeeze uttered when he first tasted this BBQ. 

Followed by "this is damn good". 

This was my first attempt at cooking a pork BBQ. And this recipe, boys and girls, is an absolute keeper. When my main squeeze goes back for seconds, I know it's a great recipe. I thought about a crockpot recipe, but both of us like a dry rub, not cooked in BBQ sauce. 

OMG. Talk about delicious. And easy! This is most definitely the way I'm gonna fix BBQ from now on. I didn't take any pictures of the process; just the finished product. So I'm gonna send you over to Kevin and Amanda's website where I followed their recipe step by step. I even have a digital thermometer like she recommends and that thing is sweet! You can leave the oven door closed and not have to keep testing your pork. I love it! This is definitely the recipe I'm going to use from now on for BBQ. It's wonderful!

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